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Nov 10, 2009

Panasonic D-Dock Sleek And Slim iPod Dock

Panasonic today introduced two new iPod docks from their D-Dock series in the form of the SC-HC4 and HC3. These slim iPod docking station provide an AM/ FM tuner, a digital amplifier delivering 20Watts × 2 channels output, a CD player and a SD card slot (SC-HC4 only). The speakers are made of a high quality Bamboo fiber material to make it lightweight and produces deep sound. The Panasonic SC-HC4 will be available in silver, pink and black for 40,000 Yen ($450) and the Panasonic SC-HC3 will be available in silver for 35,000 Yen ($400). Only the Panasonic SC-HC4 model that will be capable of transferring or ripping any CDs into SD or SDHC cards at a speed up to 8x. [Akihabara]


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