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Dec 21, 2009

Suvil’s Anorexic Mouse Released In Japan

Archisite, a Japan-based shop, has distributed the latest anorexic mouse from Suvil for the Japanese market. Dubbed as the I-T Click Click 2, this mouse is controlled with a finger and a thumb. Measuring 35mm x 112mm x 23mm and weighing 65grams, the I-T Click Click 2 boasts a 800dpi optic sensor. Folks in Japan can purchase this anorexic mouse for 1980 Yen or around $21.


Thats really a sleek mouse, i must say that computer industry must boom up. Their is lots to come, earlier we have seen the microsoft surface computer a totally touch panel computer.

I like this mouse, I want to buy one for my daughter.

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